Mike, aka Mr Laura again. As promised we have a new announcement! Laura’s latest pattern title is now available for order on the website.

Laura introduced the new pattern at the Daytona Beach AQS show last month and was a tremendous hit outselling her other titles by three to one!!

We sold out by day two and had to get an overnight shipment of the rest of the printing which sold out!! Apparently the world has been waiting for a versatile carryall that can be made up in three sizes for adults or kids. Laura carries her zentangle stuff in one with vinyl windows and a sewing kit for her piecework quilting with the batting pages.

The Portable Portfolio is great for packing all sorts of things! It has 2 or 4 zippered pockets and it can be made in 3 sizes. The Portible Portfolio makes an excellent sewing kit to hold your instructions and all the sewing notions for any sewing project. The pattern includes directions for 2 inside options; add felt or batting pages to hold your in-progress patchwork pieces, or add 2 extra inside zippered pockets to hold all of the smaller items. The Portable Portfolio is so versatile you will want to make one in each size. Its many uses include as a cosmetic travel portfolio; as a place to hold scrapbooking supplies, a business notebook and tablet, or even a small computer. The Portable Portfolio is the perfect place to put everything you need to take with you!

PP girl coloring bookPP boy coloring bookPP tape measure front white bk