My how time flies! Recently, a friend of The Creative Thimble *helpfully* pointed out that we haven’t blogged since April of last year. How very embarrassing. All we can say is that the siren call of Grandbaby snuggles always seems to hit right when an excellent blog post was about to be written.

Could you say “no” to those eyes?

So, with Mr. Laura’s day becoming filled with Grandpa Daycare duties, he is passing the blogging duties on to me, Carol. I am the daughter of Laura and Mike (AKA Mr. Laura), and Mom of Baby Claus up there. I’ve been sewing and watching my Mom sew since I can remember, and I’ve always been a small part of The Creative Thimble. I loved helping Mom sell her bags at craft shows when I was a kid (and spending my hard-earned cash at the other booths). I am the namesake of Carol’s Convertible Purse, and I helped name the “As You Like It” purse when I was writing a paper for my Shakespeare class in college.

I plan to blog fairly regularly. I’ll update you all on the goings-on at The Creative Thimble, and all of Laura’s crafty projects. I might even convince Mr. Laura and the Minions to do a guest post here and there. Currently, they are busily cutting kits and packing patterns in every spare moment they are not cuddling with the cutie pie.

I hope you enjoy the blog! Please send in any requests for blog topics, and I will happily oblige.