Mike, aka Mr Laura, aka Carol’s Dad, aka Tabitha’s Grampa here. Well as you can tell it has been about 6 months since my last posting. First I have to apologize to all of the wonderful ladies who sent in pictures of their various purses and bags that did not get posted until this past week. It was a shameful delay on my part but please visit our Customer Creations creations page and view the wonderful bags they made!

In my defense I am a first time Grampa. Our daughter Carol and her husband Erik brought us Tabitha on October 15, 2015 and I have been twitterpated ever since, (the term is from the Bambi movie, I am unsure of the spelling). We spend all of the time we can with Tabitha. As Carol is going back to work we usually get to watch her several days a week when we are not on the road and Laura and I usually fight over who gets her first. Laura was working constantly in February to finish her latest pattern (Announcement Tomorrow) so I got most of the time! At first Tabitha and I would just look at each other while I rocked her in my armchair, or we would dance or sing, and now that she babbles we have long talks, and play, and baths she loves baths. And when it is time for a diaper change this is the look I get because belly kisses are next and she loves belly kisses.



All this activity frequently results in naps in my armchair where one or both of us fall fast asleep.

IMG_3340So again my apologies ladies for my tardiness in posting your Purses and Totes. I do have a good excuse. Everyone else please visit our Customer Creations page to admire and be inspired by what these ladies shared with us!!