Mr Laura again.

We will be at the AQS Quilt Show in Chattanooga TN September 10th-13th.


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I can tell we have an upcoming quilt show even without a calendar, because while performing in my capacity of Director of Material Transportation (my latest promotion), the main flow of heavy boxes I am now carrying is down stairs. In the first week returning from Charlotte I carried heavy boxes upstairs. First the things coming back in the house from the show like displays, clamps, tables, curtains, unsold inventory, etc, etc. Then I carried shipments of new fabric, new boxes of purse hardware and findings, and notions upstairs. Then after various stages of Sorting, Cutting, Bagging, and Labeling they go back in to heavy boxes along with the displays clamps, tables, curtains etc. that I all carry downstairs to put in a trailer to transport to the next show, in this case Chattanooga (I don’t know why, but I like saying Chattanooga, although I usually forget some of the many letters when I type it).

If you follow us on facebook Follow Us on Facebook you know that we feel all work and no play makes Mike a dull boy, so we like to take a break and go somewhere to relax between shows. This time we went to Saint Michael, MD, a very pretty little harbor and tourist destination across the bay from Annapolis. Since our break in June involved so many activities that we needed a vacation to recover from our vacation, Laura requested to go someplace relaxing that involved a lot of sitting. Since our room had sliding glass windows in both the living room and bedroom opening on to the harbor we were able to sit in our armchairs and watch the various harbor activities while I read and Laura did some hand sewing. We had to squeeze this in between vigorous rounds of Napping, Browsing Gift Stores, Researching the Best Restaurants and Sampling Ice Cream shops. I think of it fondly (and often) while carrying these boxes.

Harbor View

Harbor View



St Michaels