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Professional Tote Revision 2018

(For patterns that were Rev. 2018 as stated on the bottom of each page of the pattern in the © copyright section)
I just realized that the first printing of this version (approx.. 1000 copies) of my Professional Tote pattern did not print 4 of the diagrams. This is a correction sheet for those patterns. I am so sorry about this error.
You can print this page, cut and paste into your pattern if you would like.

PT Errata Sheet 2018

Portable Portfoliopage 2

Step 1B, should read: Medium Portfolio should be cut down to 13″ x 23″, now reads 13″ x 25″

Laura’s Zippered Tote –page 5

Step 7d should read: Stitch a 1/4″ seam allowance through all 3 layers including the zipper.

“As You Like It” Purse – page 2

Should read: Main Fabric (all sizes) continued: Cut optional fabric handles and Piece #5 (Decorative Flap Backing). It currently reads Piece #10 in error.

“As You Like It” Purse – page 3

The second sentence at the top of the page should read: Next, cut 3 bias strips and then cut pieces 8, 9 & 10 from the remaining fabric.

Town & Country Purse – Cutting Label Page

Piece #13 should be cut 15″ x 17″ (not 15″ x 17 ½” as stated). The directions are correct on the “Cutting Directions” page.

Mini Professional Tote – page 1

Fabric Preparation F should read: Cut lining fabric into two pieces. One, 28″ x width of fabric, and one 12″ x width of fabric (not 10″ as listed).

*If you have already cut your lining fabric incorrectly, there is an easy fix*

Cut Lining Piece #9a, 13” wide x 10” high; cut two pieces of leftover fabric 2” high x 13” wide and sew one piece to the bottom of each of the 9a. Lining Pieces. Cut the pieces down to 11” high x 13” wide.
Piece 9a is the lining inside of the zippered pocket (on the inside of the tote), and the added seam will never be seen if you put the seam toward the bottom of the pocket.



Can I sell the bags I make from your patterns?

Not unless you purchase a cottage license from The Creative Thimble. A Cottage License cost $100.00 per year, per pattern. Under the terms of the contract, you can make and sell as many bags as you would like for a period of one year. You must tag the bag with information that it is a Creative Thimble pattern. A Cottage License can be renewed for additional years. Contact me at Laura@thecreativethimble.com and I will send you a sample of the contract to look at.

Can I make and donate your bags to a charity?

Yes, I do not have any problem if you want to donate a few bags for a charity, church bazaar or a quilt show. The key word is donate. As soon as you (the maker) receive any money for your bags you will need to purchase a Cottage License as stated in question #1.

Your Professional Tote pattern on the back cover states to purchase a 20″ zipper, but on page 12 of the directions it calls for an 18″ zipper, which is correct?

zipThere is a misprint on the back cover of the Professional Tote pattern (the 2004 edition). I really wanted it to list an 18″ zipper. In my first printing of the pattern, I used a 20″ zipper and then decided that I really liked the 18″ size better. I made the change in the directions and then forgot to change the back page. I realized the mistake the day I received 5000 copies from my printer. Because either size zipper really will work, I left it as is. I have corrected it in the next printing.

On page one of the Professional Tote pattern it states the final dimensions of the tote as 18″ wide x 15″ tall X 5″ deep. In the cutting directions, piece #1(front and back piece) states to cut 15″ wide x 18″ tall. I am confused.

I am sorry for the confusion with this matter, but both measurements are correct. The tote has side panels that will add width to the finished tote measurement and after sewing the bottom seam adding depth to the tote, it shrinks in height. Therefore, any one-way designs should be cut exactly as stated paying close attention to the height and width
measurements of each pattern piece.

How do I insert a magnetic snap?

snapCLICK HERE for complete directions on how to insert a magnetic snap.
CLICK HERE to purchase magnetic snap.

What is understitching?

Understitching is a garment sewing term that usually is used to help hold down a collar facing. On the Professional Tote pattern, it helps hold the upper zipper section neatly in place at the top of the tote.

  1. Flip the zipper section so it is sticking straight up over the top of the tote.
  2. Pull the seam allowance fabric (where you just sewed on the zipper section) up towards the zipper section.
  3. Place the zipper section under the presser foot of your sewing machine (right side up, seam allowance touching the feed dogs of the machine) and top stitch all the way around the top of the tote, close to the seam line, making sure to sew through the main zipper section fabric and all of the seam allowances. This stitching holds the seam allowances in place and helps the zipper section fold down into the tote neatly.
  4. One more row of stitching and you are DONE!! Continue with the last step and CELEBRATE!!

I seem to have a lot of bulk around the ends of my zipper, is there a way to minimize this?

Using heavyweight zippers or long zippers that you cut down to size will add lots of bulk to your seam allowances. Click here to get directions for inserting cut down or heavyweight zippers with less bulk.

Directions and Additional Ideas


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