I am taking a break from swimming the boxes back upstream to spawn. Luckily it was a pretty successful show and the boxes with stock items are lighter. The really heavy boxes with metal stands and other display elements seem much heavier going upstairs however.

We really enjoyed our stay in Chattanooga. The city seemed very friendly and we were glad we went a day early to see the sights. I want to thank Janet Ries for telling us about the Bluff Arts District area. We really enjoyed it. Rembrandt’s Coffee House patio was a little slice of Paris in Tennessee. I think if we go back for a pleasure trip we will stay up there at the Bluff View Inn. We spent a cool overcast morning exploring the area and had a very enjoyable and relaxing time.


Rembrandt’s Coffee House


Bluff View Art District Lookout

After enjoying coffee (if only I had had Cafe’ au lait, the Paris comparison would have been perfect), tea, and croissants at the Rembrandt and walking around the district we toured the Hunter Art Museum which is made up of the classic Hunter mansion surrounded by ultra modern architecture .  We especially enjoyed the statue called “Free Money” in front of the Museum. We first saw a statue by this artists (Tom Otterness) on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship called “Tourist” and that seemed to say Mike and Laura to us also. (I wonder if this guy follows us around on vacation?).


“Free Money” in front of Museum

Laura with camera me carrying stuff

“Tourist” Laura with camera me carrying stuff

The museum has a spectacular view of the river from the bluffs. The first bridge is the Walnut Street bridge.

Walnut Street Bridge from the museum

Walnut Street Bridge (and a sleepy Mike) from the museum

The old Walnut Street Bridge has been turned into a pedestrian/bike bridge and was a very pleasant walk that provided great views of the River and environs.


View of the Aquarium and river front from Walnut St Bridge


Hunter Museum from the bridge

We thoroughly enjoyed Chattanooga and hope to go back for a weekend someday. The show was terrific also, but Laura will do the post on the quilts and quilt show as my area of expertise is carrying heavy things, enjoying the sightseeing, and eating at good restaurants (also good ice cream parlors, don’t forget the ice cream parlors!).