July 30-Aug 2








As promised we are announcing our giveaways for the AQS Quilt Week in Charlotte.

Dave’s Big Giveaways

The first 20 people who stop by the booth #318 on Wednesday and Thursday and say “I like Dave” will receive a Free Key Chain (lovingly hand crafted by Laura and Mike).

The first 15 people who stop by booth #318 on Friday and Saturday and say “I like Dave”, will get a Free Kangaroo Tote Pattern (lovingly packed by Dave).

Laura’s Big Giveaway!!!

Anyone who stops by The Creative Thimble Booth (still booth #318) Wednesday through Saturday can enter to win the Professional Tote pictured here, made by Laura herself, a $250 value!!!














Mike’s T Shirt Quilt

Well things are not proceeding as well as I had hoped. My quilt was bumped again for a Professional Tote for an expectant mother (yes bumped AGAIN).  Plus Monday when I walked in Laura’s sewing room she was at the computer and started to laugh and laugh. When I asked what was so funny she said she was reading my last Blog post. Thinking my post was amusing, but not aware it had any Belly Laugh material, I asked what part she found so funny. She replied, “The part about you thinking you were getting your quilt quilted in one day!”, and she laughed and laughed some more.

Personally I think there is a great deal of interest from everyone on seeing the finished version of Mikes T Shirt quilt. If anyone wanted to say, leave a comment here, saying that they would really really like to see a picture of the finished version of Mike’s T shirt quilt very very soon, just scroll down to the bottom of the page here where it says, Leave a Reply, and start typing in the comment field about how important you feel it is that you see a picture of a finished Mike’s T Shirt quilt as soon as possible. Also, if you really wanted to, you could also scroll up to the top of the page and push the little Facebook icon and leave a comment on Facebook also about how vitally important it is that you see a finished Mike’s T Shirt quilt in the near future! I mean you don’t have to, I am just saying you could do these things if you wanted to.