Mike, aka Mr Laura here. I see it has been Quite Some Time since my last update. The Houston International Quilt Market and Festival is a great event, but it is also exhausting. Considering preparing for the show, packing for the show, traveling to Houston, setting up for Market, taking down Market and setting up for Festival, packing up, Traveling Home, unpacking, shipping orders, storing stuff for next year it is about 6 weeks of long days. We do love to meet our customers and the show was good to us but it is nice to know we are done with the traveling shows till next spring.

We will be staying at home for the next couple of months to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends. Laura will be teaching locally at the Cary Quilting Company in December. She is teaching an Ursula and Emily class on Dec 6, and a Laura’s Tote class on Dec 16. We also have plans to make a few videos for the website to demonstrate some techniques and bags. I especially want to do an online demo video of  Carol’s Convertible Purse. When we are at shows we sell a LOT of Carol’s Convertible Purses. All I have to do is show how it magically works and ladies buy them. At the Houston Festival I had one nice lady buy one after I demonstrated it who said, ” I don’t even sew but I have to have this bag. I have to get one of my friends to make it for me”. I suggested a bribe with chocolate involved.

So anyway we are catching up on personal projects. Laura is in her studio making handmade Christmas cards with her new Brother Scan and Cut and her older Silhouette Cameo. Dave (my trusty minion) and I have also requested Pilgrim hats for the “Minion Thanksgiving Pageant” photograph. She gave me a “Look” but has already modified a pilgrim hat design for Dave and Stuart. I have not told her yet that we need an Indian headdress for Mini Stuart. I still have to paint the walls in the downstairs bathroom but I plan on making time for my beekeeping and beer making hobbies this week.

We will miss our daughter Carol and her husband Erik this Thanksgiving as they will be visiting Erik’s relatives in Wyoming this year. This is the first time Carol will not be with us for Thanksgiving but our son Dan will be with us this year as he is in North Carolina at graduate school. Laura’s Dad will be joining us for the month of December so we will have all of us together for Christmas again this year!

So this is The Creative Thimble wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.