We are getting very close to the Lancaster, PA AQS Quilt Week. As usual I can tell how close we are by the number of heavy boxes I am carrying down the stairs. I try not to think about the fact that I carry everything in these boxes upstairs first to get cut, and/or kitted, or stored so that they can be packed into boxes to be carried down the stairs to get packed in the trailer to be towed to Lancaster to be carried up to the second floor, set up and then do it all in reverse.  At least now that Laura bought her own trailer I can store some of the display stuff in the trailer so it does not all have to come back upstairs after the shows.

Laura is trying a booth and a half for the Lancaster show so I built a few more display items and we set up the new layout in the garage yesterday. I had planned to just load it into the trailer this weekend but as we now have a potential ice storm coming tonight ( hard to believe it was 71 just yesterday) we picked it all up again so we could get the cars back in the garage. I am hoping for a miss and for some nice weather in Lancaster (fingers crossed, please no more snow or ice in Pennsylvania!!). If you are at the show please come see us on the second floor, Booth 2105.

Laura has added a new color of the 1 1/4 inch webbing and we are now carrying Light Gray. You can see it here on the website.