Hello from Mike, aka; Mr. Laura, Dear Husband (DH), Him, Egor (or is it Igor, I can never keep that straight), that guy standing over there. As you can probably tell from the various monikers given to me by Laura and her friends, I am Laura’s husband.

I thought I had retired on April 1st after 36 years with IBM, but apparently, I have just started a new career in Shipping and Receiving, Reaching High Shelves, Web Design, Fixing Things That don’t Work Right, Web Marketing, Carrying Heavy Boxes, Social Media Marketing, and/or anything else Laura does not know how to/does not like to/wants me to do. So from now on I will be posting here and updating the the Facebook Page, Blog, and Website. I am now enrolled in a class on Website design at my local community college and the recipient of a 898 page manual, (8 books, 8 books, 8 books in one), Web Marketing for Dummies (only my daughter could get away with giving me a book with “for dummies” in the title). Personally, I don’t see what could possibly go wrong, but should parts of the web page stop working or blog entries suddenly appear in Chinese characters you have been warned.

Laura has been working feverishly on her new backpack pattern to have it ready for the wholesale show in Pittsburgh next month so expect a new pattern announcement any day now. So stay tuned. Sneak preview below.