I have been goofing off since I got back from the Houston Quilt Market and Festival. It took me 2 weeks to get unpacked and the paperwork finished from my trip. I have been working on some personal projects that I usually don’t have much time to work on. I will show you those projects soon, but I wanted to finish up with pictures I got from Houston before it is out of everyone’s mind (if it already hasn’t)

This is one of my customers, Robin Oliver. She started calling me with orders I think about 2 years ago and we always had a wonderful chat when she called. She contacted me in October with an order and by chance, I asked her if she was going to go to the Houston Quilt Festival because I would like to meet her. She WAS going to Houston and made a special effort to find me and introduce herself. It is so great to put a face to a voice and actually see who you have been talking with. Don’t miss the gorgeous blue and purple Professional Tote that Robin is carrying. Thank you, Robin, for stopping by, I’m looking forward to your next call. Have a great holiday season.


The 3 amigos at Festival. I am on the left next to Ursula, (yes, the one that the Ursula & Emily Purse is named after) and Marci.  My awesome friends took time off from their everyday jobs to fly down and help me at my booth. They worked really hard and sold lots of patterns for me, but I did let them wonder around so they could do some shopping. Neither one of them had ever been to the convention center before in Houston so they were very impressed. The floor of the quilt festival is 5 city blocks long and 2 city blocks wide. Within that space is the quilt show, vendors, and a food court. The vendors’ booths start at row 100 and go all the way up to row 2400 counting by 100’s. I was right smack in the middle at 1115. I very nice spot I thought.

I took lots of pictures of the quilts at the quilt show but they seem to have vanished into the abyss or some cyber cloud that I can’t locate. I did manage to find pictures of this one quilt that fascinated me.  The quilt is at least 80″ square and made up of 1000’s of 1″ squares to make a quilt that looks like needlepoint. I don’t have the patience to make something that tedious, but I thought is was amazing.  Notice the blue ribbon next to the quilt. I tried to be very careful and take a picture of the name of every quilt, but of course not this one so I apologize for not giving the quilter her do credit. If anyone knows her name, please let me know and I will add it.