Judy from Montrose, CO has made 9 Professional Tote bags, and probably on her 10th one by now. This darling cowboy print tote was given to her daughter for Christmas.
This black, white and red one is for her grandson’s girlfriend. I hope she knows that she is a lucky girl.
I love the marching turtles walking slowly across the travel strap on this one.
Several of Judy’s sewing friends (the “Easy Strippers”) got together and made Professional Tote bags (shown above). They all got at least the main body of the bag done in class and will finish at their next meeting. The last picture here shows a grommet in the side pocket instead of a buttonhole. I think that is a really great idea. (What some people will do not to make a buttonhole!!) I worked at a quilt shop for 11 years and it was so funny to see the looks I would get when I said that they had to make a buttonhole:) This grommet though, I think is a great variation and very “professional” looking.
If you would like to try one, follow the directions all the way up to the buttonhole, but put the grommet in instead of the buttonhole. Make sure the grommet is large enough for your cords to go through, at least 1/4″ opening.
Thank you Judy for all your wonderful pictures and keep on sewing!