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I just finished making a leather Carol’s Convertible Purse for my daughter Carol. This is a belated Christmas gift. You know the poor Cobblers family story that have no shoes, well Carol had been carrying one of the first Carol’s Convertible purse that I had made. I even forgot to sew up the pocket lining and she couldn’t figure out why her purse was getting so heavy. All of her loose change was dropping inside the purse between the lining and the fabric.
She really deserves to have a nice purse after all this time. Her favorite color is purple! This purple leather showed the color better on the sueded side so I decided to reverse some of the pieces so the purse would appear more purple.

Start with one pile of leather cut into pieces
Sew the front sections together
Sew the back sections together
Make and opening for a back zipper
Tape the lining facing down so it’s easier to sew in the zipper
Sew the zipper in place
Clothespin the side panels to the front section for sewing, etc, etc.
Continue until you have a finished purse.
Carol loves her new Carol’s Convertible Purse. Guess who the pattern is named after?