My friend Carol R.(not to be confused with my daughter Carol who is also my friend) and I went to Hampton Roads, VA to see the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival last week.
We stayed 2 nights and were able to take our time and see all the beautiful quilts and visit all the great vendors. I bought a few goodies to play with and took lots of pictures of the quilts.
I will post a few of the ribbon winners and a few of my personal favorites.

“ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS NIGHT”  made by Sieglinde Schoen Smith in Carlisle, PA
An old fashioned advent calendar.



The detail on this hand appliqued quilt is amazing. It won in the innovative category.

“INCOMMUNICATO” made by Esterita Austin, Port Jefferson Station, NY

This quilt made me laugh because it reminded me of my husband and I at dinner. A husband and wife at dinner, she is putting on her lipstick while he is looking at his camera and his IPhone sits on the table right in front of him. Even though my husband and I swore that we would never be like those “young rude kids” texting and talking on the phone all the time, we have become them. Right now we are both addicted to the game “Boggle” on our IPhones and will sit and play while we wait for dinner. It’s just not right!!

“CIRCLES OF LIFE” made by Linda French, Centerville, OH

This beautiful quilt was Machine Pieced, Hand Appliqued, Machine Quilted and an Original Design

“CHRISTMAS EVE ABC’S” made by Cathy Wiggins in Macon, NC

 I thought this quilt was so adorable. It looks like a cartoon here, but in person it is so cute. The building blocks on the lower left corner of the quilt read “Find things starting with each letter of the alphabet” If you look hard enough you will find all 26 letters there. Cathy has a list of them on the back of the quilt.
“HEY! DID I TELLYOU ABOUT THE FAMILY REUNION?” made by Pat Doyle Mikrot in Palos Park, IL

This one cracked me up too! I thought right away that is was my husband’s family reunion (sorry Fennells), but Pat beat me to it and said that it was a quilt of her family reunion last summer, but of course it was her husband’s side of the family! Too cute!

I’ll post a few more later in the week.