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Mike's T Shirt Quilt

Mike’s T Shirt Quilt

Apparently it is almost my Birthday! Last June, Laura started my T shirt quilt. We love to travel and I tend to get a T shirt wherever we go so she is making me a quilt with T shirts from the places we have visited. She stated at the time that she did not want to be Under Pressure to finish it right away. So I said, “Well how about you have it ready for my birthday” (Jan 2). Laura agreed that this was very reasonable. I will not be foolish enough again to not specify the year, (fool me once). Apparently I am fairly low on the quilt priority list way way behind new babies and such. In Laura’s defense I did want a quilt that we could actually use on our king size bed so I think this is the largest quilt she has ever made. Laura has made time this week to do some personal sewing so right after she finished the latest baby quilt she again took up the flag on Mike’s Quilt.

Pinning the Quilt

Pinning the Quilt

Pinning the Quilt

I have been enlisted to help pin the latest quilts under the theory that many hands make light work. First, we had to clear Laura’s cutting table to make room. After I asked if she really needed allĀ  200 of the plastic quilting rulers in this giant ruler rack thing, Laura wondered aloud if there might not be a downside to this help. This quilt is so big that Laura actually ran out of the safety pins with these plastic doohickeys on them. I did also find out at this point that there is an un-quilted quilt hidden in this room somewhere with a lot of pins in it. I did not ask any questions for fear this other mystery quilt might bump mine.

You would think that there would be a very low probability of sticking safety pins exactly in to the cut on the pad of your thumb several times during this process but the probability is actually 100%. After several bouts of bad words and thumb sucking the quilt is fully pinned and awaits quilting.


That is a Big Quilt

Stay tuned

Well I will keep you updated on the progress of my quilt. I am really hoping that it may be quilted today but as I write this I hear a total lack of sewing machine noises from Laura’s sewing room. Also this week we will be announcing the schedules for giveaways and promotions at the Charlotte AQS Quilt week (July 30-Aug 2). HEY! I hear sewing noises, gotta go!