Another Promotion

Unfortunately, I mean luckily, Laura is far enough behind on these samples that I was given ANOTHER promotion. I have now been trusted with cutting actual fabric. My understanding is that these pieces occupy a seldom seen, yet vital, position in the lining of the Mini-Professional Tote. To think, I had been worried that my background in electronic engineering and finance might not be a good fit for the pattern business. But, after trying it, I have found that knowing how to manage currency risk in the international pricing of goods and services has not held me back at all. I credit my current success to the Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo.

Someday, if I ever stop being promoted, I do plan to start a “Like us on Facebook” sweepstakes. Stupid me told Mrs Laura when I first started that I had a goal for The Creative Thimble of 10,000 Facebook likes. Now 5,000 Facebook likes might sound like a lot, but I am confident that I can make my target of 1,000 Facebook likes. (Lets hope this works. As always Laura is way to busy to read these blogs, so everyone just ask how Mr Laura is doing against that target of 1,000 likes, wink wink). I believe that the sweepstakes prize will be a Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo.