I have had a couple more customers send me wonderful pictures of tote bags that they have made with my patterns and I wanted to share them with you.

Pat wanted another copy of the labels to make a Professional Tote and sent me these pictures of this amazing Professional Tote she previously made. Which reminds me, if you ever need another copy of any of the labels that are included in my patterns, just send me a note and I am happy to send you a new set at no charge. Laura@thecreativethimble.com.

Pat said: “I am ready to start my fourth tote in the last five years. I made my first tote as a trial run before I made the second as a Christmas gift for the young lady who is now my daughter-in-law. She was preparing to student teach (music) and I thought this bag would be perfect for her.  I’ve attached a few photos of the bag. She loved it and I certainly earned some points as “future mother-in-law”.    We’ve loved and used our bags so much that we were ready for me to get out the pattern again.  I finished her new bag in time for school to start this fall.  Best Regards, Pat Meyer”

I told Pat that I have a soft spot for music especially the brass instruments in the lining. I am a former (very former) high school trumpet player. I was the only girl trumpet player in my entire town for the whole 9 years that I played. What I didn’t tell Pat was that my father encouraged me to play the trumpet because it would make me a good kisser. True story, I was in 4th grade at the time and it made an impression on me. I’ll have to ask my daughter who was also a trumpet player in school if I mentioned that to her when she started playing the trumpet. LOL! BTW, my husband of 37 years says it worked!!

Frances Sienkiewicz sent me this comment about her Mini Professional Tote that she made. “This one was a challenge with the directional striped fabric but I love it.  Definitely so much better and more functional than a Vera Bradley.  I  taught this bag as a class and they all loved it and complimented you on the directions.”

Wow, to be mentioned in the same sentence as Vera Bradley is an honor, thank you! Frances, you did a fantastic job using the striped fabric and what a great way to use that fabric. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to use one of those beautiful striped fabrics, I think you just showed us how!