Introducing the new Mini Professional Tote!

I have been really busy for the last month and a half trying to get this new pattern in print. In late March I decided to go to the Spring Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon as a vendor. It is always a good idea to have a new product to show at these wholesale shows and a mini Professional Tote has been on my mind for a while as I often get requests for one. I decided that now was the time. Quilt Market was May 17-19th and I had to get busy. I made a prototype of a smaller version of the Professional Tote and the size didn’t work the first time. I wanted my iPad with its case to fit inside the center zipper pocket in the lining. After a couple of tries it finally worked. I made a couple of samples, wrote the directions, took pictures of every step along the process, had it edited and then had 10 friends test the directions for me all in 6 or 7 weeks. Then when I was satisfied, I made another one for the cover photo, took pictures of it and had them all printed up with no days to spare. The day I received the finished patterns, I had to pack them up and ship them on to Portland for the Quilt Market.

Mini Professional Tote

Here is the Mini Professional Tote with my iPad sitting next to it.

This super cute Mini Professional Tote (even if I do say so myself) still has 10 pockets just like the original Professional Tote, but they are arranged a bit differently. On the front there is one patch pocket and the sides each have a pocket with elastic. The back has a 7″ zippered pocket near the top edge and a slash pocket all the way across the back of the tote.

Inside you will find the 12″center zipper pocket with quilted lining. One 9″ zipper pocket on one side of the lining with a patch pocket just below. On the other side of the lining there is a gathered pocket with a Velcro closure and a small patch pocket for your pens. That makes 10 pockets!!

How big is it you ask? It measures 15″ wide x 12″ high x 4″ deep. I added optional Rectangle Rings or D Rings to the handles to add a bit more flexibility to the handles.

Mini Professional Tote

Inside of the Mini Professional Tote showing the center zipper pocket along with a zipper pocket in the lining and a patch pocket with a swivel hook (for your keys).

I am really excited about this new pattern and I hope you are too! It was very well received at the Quilt Market and I have already gotten a couple of repeat orders from stores that have already sold out of them.

For reading all the way to the bottom, if you order the new pattern now through midnight EST on June 23, 2013, I will include a set of D Rings or Rectangle Rings with your order for FREE!! Do not add them to your cart (because it will charge you), but on the shipping page you will see an “Order Notes” section and in that section type in which style rings you would like and in what color. Rectangle Rings 1″, Rectangle Rings 1.25″ , D Rings 1″ or D Rings 1.25″.

The front of the tote with a water bottle in one of the side pockets to show the scale of the tote.


Back view showing a 7″ zippered pocket and a slash pocket across the back of the tote.