I am going to try this blog thing one more time. My life has quieted down since last year so I expect to have more time to spend on this. Last year our daughter got married and I was helping out with all the planning and parties that go along with that. I also had my website re-done and I am learning how to use all the new features. It will be a slow process but hope it doesn’t take too long.

I wanted to share a couple of notes I received from Carolyn and Rachel about my Professional Tote pattern. It made my day!

“Laura, Laura, Laura!!! I love you! I made the Professional Tote last weekend at a retreat in Minnesota. I didn’t swear once while sewing it, my mother was shocked that I was quiet. You need to know, I have made every tote/bag/purse pattern out there and have cursed, thrown and said WTH a lot. Never have I made a bag and had the directions be so clear as yours. You rock! I have so much respect for pattern writers. You are woman, you rock, you are going to be marketed by ME! Every shop I go to I am going to promote this pattern & you. FYI, the cutting & labeling was long, but so worth it in end. Having everything labeled made this project a breeze.
Again, I say Thank You!
Quiltingly, Carolyn”

“Hi– I just finished making the Professional Tote and want to congratulate you on the way you have written the pattern. The directions were easy to follow, the graphics were great. I simply followed it step by step from start to finish and everything worked great. You are truly a gifted designer. Here’s a pic. It looks crooked in the pic but not in real life!


PT Rachel Moreland

Thank you so much Carolyn and Rachel for saying such nice things about my pattern.

If you want to make one yourself, you can find the pattern here. https://thecreativethimble.com/shop/professional-tote/

Until next time.