Great Show

Mr. Laura here, we managed to get ourselves, the trailer, and all the STUFF safe back home. So lets recap!


Thursday was the day to set up the booth, set up the Sample Spree area, run Sample Spree, and collapse.

Booth #149 During Setup


Friday was a blur for Mr. Laura. Thursday night we got a full nights sleep for the first time in perhaps 10 days. This reinvigorated Laura but caused some type of Drain Bamage to Mr. Laura because I was not functional till about 1 PM. My apologies to anyone I may (or may not have but should have) spoken/grunted to on Friday morning. Usually, the first day is a lot of demoing and explaining and handing out brochures and the second day is order day but not so for this show. We were very very busy writing orders all day so I have no pictures to share. So, Thank You, to all the ladies (there were literally at least a hundred) who showed us their Professional Totes and I am sorry I did not get pictures. There was one point where both Laura and I were writing orders and had a couple of shop owners waiting and the owner who I was helping just took over and started telling those waiting about how these are the best directions ever written, and kept their classes full,  and they HAD to get Laura’s  patterns in their store. Thank You for all the help!


Saturday was steady, but not crazy. Laura was able to get out of the booth to do some networking. Mr. Laura will have to again pause here and make more apologies. Having frittered away the first 36 years of my career in IBM I do not recognize the VIP’s of the Quilting and Fabric industries on sight yet. Mr. Laura now knows that RJR is a fabric company not RJ Reynolds aluminum foil and other useful bits of knowledge. At the next trade show Mr. Laura will study up, hopes to not hear things like, “Really, you don’t know who SHE (Jinny Beyer) is?”, fewer times.  As those of you who follow us on Facebook know, Saturday was also notable as Dave (my trusty minion) made his first sale.

Dave Makes a Sale


Sunday is usually very quiet and another good day for ‘Networking’. On Sunday when Laura ‘Networks’ she comes back with a lot of things in her hands that makes it appear she was shopping, but no,  she says ‘Networking’. While Mr. Laura was out lollygagging somewhere, Maret Anderson of Seams Like Home, Anchorage, AK and her beautiful twin daughters Enjoli Strait and Angelyn Starr stopped by with their beautiful triplet of Professional Totes (Wow a lot of multiple births in this sentence). They will represent for all the Pro Tote photo ops we did not get a chance to take.

Enjoli, Angelyn, and Maret from left to right


Note to myself, “Self, do not again agree to stop by IKEA when we are towing a trailer”, End Note.


Back this afternoon. Doing some household chores and resting up before shipping those orders out.

Dave (my trusty Minion) does the laundry