OK, I did all my assigned cutting and, despite dire warnings from several readers, I still have all of my fingers, even the tips!

I did have some moments of confusion where the cutting directions result in cutting say, piece 18 before piece 5, but once I came to grips with the fact that the cutting directions are designed to produce the smallest amount of waste rather than be in the same sequence as assembly all went smoothly.

I have to say Laura’s cutting layout does produce the smallest possible amount of waste, since I did try a couple of experiments. I did also have one failure of concentration that resulted in an 18 x 18 inch piece rather than the 18 x 22 it should have been, but there is no need for everyone to ask Laura about this in notes and phone calls. If I wanted her to know about it, I would have told her myself! I got in enough trouble about the “creative explosion” picture. ” You did NOT take a picture of my sewing room in that condition!”. Oh yes I did.

Laura is too shy to brag on herself, but I am not. Yesterday she received the lovely note below. I will let it speak for itself!



I had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed making your pattern up.  I am teaching a class on it this summer at my LQS, Quiltique in Henderson, NV.  The instructions are well written and the tips and tricks boxes are a great  help.

I am usually writing to pattern designers to make corrections or to complain but this pattern was so wonderfully presented I just needed to convey my thanks and my praise.  I didn’t find one tiny error or misspelling.  It was just a joy to make.

Thank you so much.
Regina, Mom, Grandma, GGM and GiGi!”