Minions Restock

Minions Restock

Mike aka Mr Laura here. We made it home safely from the Lancaster AQS show Sunday night. The Mini-Minions and Minions were reunited on Monday when the mail arrived with the returning Dave, Stuart, and Kevin. They were a little sandy (luckily I opened their mailer in the garage) but did not seem to have any tan from their week in the Bahamas. I am not sure if they used sunscreen or if minions just don’t tan.

We had a fantastic week in Lancaster. We get to see a lot of ladies we have met at previous shows, (It sometimes takes Mr Laura a few minutes to recognize you so my apologies) and these ladies are some of our best salespersons! On at least three days, when we were too busy to get out from behind the cash register, I heard ladies telling others that “these were fantastic directions and even though these are complicated bags if you read and follow the directions you will be fine”. Also it is pretty fun for Laura and humbling for me when ladies ask for their pattern autographed by Laura.

We sold out of several types of kits and some of our hardware and we are sorry to have disappointed any customers (Mr Laura also forgot to pack ANY Hidden Treasure Totes requiring a saving overnight mail from our friend Carol)  so we will need to bring more stock to our future shows. This means Laura and I and the Minions will be busy reordering, cutting, packaging, and general restocking.

I also wanted to thank Trish and Doug of Jersey Girl Quilts  for giving me a ride to dinner and the hotel when Laura was unable to pick me up. I had a good meal, a fun time, and avoided an eight mile walk! Click the links to visit Jersey Girl Quilts website.

So come see us in Paducah, April 22-25! I hear this is the Holy Grail of Quilt Shows, I guess because the American Quilt Museum, is in fact, in Paducah.  Laura tells me we are in the Pavilion (aka The Bubble?), booth 4604. I guess that Pavilion/Bubble thing will make sense when we see it. This will be Laura’s first trip to Paducah as well as mine. I was surprised there was a quilt show that big that Laura has not attended but it is true.

So again, AQS Quilt Week, Paducah, KY, April 22-25, Booth 4604.