Last week I received a note from June asking me to send her the last page of the Professional Tote pattern as she had lost hers. I sent it to her and she thanked me and said “When I have completed the bag, I will send you a picture and the story behind how my sister and I came to make your tote.”

That sparked my interest as I always love to hear sewing stories, but what a story it is. I am so proud of June for finishing this tote as I’m sure it was a bitter sweet journey. Here is June’s story:

“I finished. Yeah!!! I will try to keep my story short.
I was separated from my siblings at a young age. After 45 years, in 1995, I found my twin sisters and brother. Our times together have all been wonderful even though we live in different parts of the country. Two years ago, I was visiting my sisters in Albuquerque and my sister Marcia and I were at a fabric shop and picked out your tote pattern and at once challenged each other to see who would finish first. Each time we talked, we laughed so much over how long it was taking us and asking ourselves why we didn’t pick something easy. Well, my sister finished first, a year after our purchase. Sadly, my sister Marcia passed away suddenly in September of 2012. Since that time I was intent on completing the project and will be mailing my bag to my sister Brenda, who is Marcia’s twin. We will share fond memories over our pretty totes. I have attached pictures. My sister made the pretty black and white one with butterflies. She even cut individual butterflies and added them here and there. Real sweet.
Thank you, again for helping me.”


Thank you to June for allowing me to share her wonderful story.