There is this really cool program “thingy” (that’s a technical term) that I found on Google to follow “something or someone”. It’s called Google Alerts. It’s kind of cool and scary at the same time. For instance, if you want to follow the news on George Clooney (and who wouldn’t) you can add his name to Google Alerts and every time there is something on the web about him, you will be notified.

So….I have done that with all of my pattern names, Professional Tote, Kangaroo Tote, Janet’s Jewelry Case, etc. to see if anyone is talking about my patterns out there. I have found a few blogs and web sites that have mentioned my patterns. The scary part is that I can do this at all!! I feel like I am snooping around where I shouldn’t be. I can thankfully say that everything that I have seen have been nice comments.

The word professional from the Professional Tote pattern gets lots of hits so I get things sent to me that have nothing to do with my patterns, and Janet’s Jewelry Case always brings in stories about Janet Jackson. It’s kind of fun snooping around!

Here are a few people and websites that are working on making my patterns.

The Attic Window Quilt Shop in Wenatchee, WA  had a sew in day to make a Professional Tote.

Bev has a picture of her beautiful tote.

A few nice reviews of my patterns from Sewing Pattern Review

Mary has made a few totes and shows one here.