Backpack is a Hit

Booth 149

Backpack in Beehive Frame

Well, Sample Spree was exciting. It was sort of a cross between Filene’s bargain basement and a cattle stampede. Mr Laura was a little scared at first. Laura said this one was fairly placid as the aisles were wider and that Houston was a real madhouse. Mr Laura may be ill and unable to attend Houston Sample Spree.

Laura did very well, the T&C Backpacks samples sold very quickly and all of the designs sold well. At least six different stores who already carry her patterns stopped to tell Laura that the women that make their samples ALL say that Laura’s patterns are the best they have worked with. I had a little trouble getting Laura’s head through the door at the end of the evening.

Mr Laura has been able to focus in and specialize in his tasks, and as we all know practice makes perfect. I am now able to Carry Heavy Things as never before, and Going Without Sleep is second nature. Mr Laura plans as soon as he gets home to start spending time specializing in Lollygagging and Malingering.

Looks Promising